Feel Emotion

by Tonia Thorne



Feel emotion
Feel emotion

We are forgetting who are.
We’re lost to the feeling

Who’s stealing the pieces of our hearts
We look in the mirror

No reflection, no direction we are long gone
All we have left now is to feel emotion

Feel emotion
Feel emotion
In every song you play
You please your soul


Written & Produced by Tonia Thorne
Mixed by Hayden Parsey



all rights reserved


Tonia Thorne

Tonia is a North London singer-songwriter. She’s been around on the acoustic circuit since the 90’s playing solo or with various band line-ups (Juicer and Toygirl). Like her mixed heritage, English & Filipina, Tonia’s songwriting is a marinade of raunchy Rock and fesity Folk with a splash of Pop. She’s also a versatile singer from Jazz Standards to Ballads and Dance Music. ... more

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